Operating A Gas Furnace In Your Home? Prioritize Safety With These 3 Steps

Heating with gas is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly ways to warm your home, and when you implement these three recommendations, operating a gas furnace is also safe. 

  • Install or check your carbon monoxide (CO) detector. Your home should have at least one and if it's a solo unit, place it 10 feet from the master bedroom door at eye level or higher. Check the batteries monthly, since CO detectors use batteries faster than smoke detectors. Ideally, each floor and bedroom wing of your home should have a CO detector when you have a gas furnace or any other gas-burning appliances in your home.
  • Check and change your air filter for the blower monthly. As dirt collects on the filter, it slows the passage of air through the blower. Eventually, the dirt and dust can work its way into the blower and cover the burner or heat exchanger, reducing its efficiency and possibly contributing to a fire. 
  • Have your furnace adjusted and cleaned by an HVAC professional before operating a gas furnace. These professionals use special tools and equipment to check for gas leaks, and clean the parts of the furnace you can't reach. Annual servicing can bring down your energy consumption because the technicians adjust the air to gas mixture, clean all the parts and inspect the burner and heat exchanger for cracks. 

Cracks in either of these parts force the technician to turn off the gas supply to the furnace and disable it, since they can emit CO into your home. Another important part of annual servicing is checking the ductwork and sealing any leaks. Leaking ducts increase your energy bills by sending air where you don't want it and distributing dust from the cavities through which they run. Duct leaks can also cause the furnace to back draft, which picks up CO and distributes it through your home. 

If you'd like to know more about operating a gas furnace safely, contact Jones-Rogers Inc. We've provided HVAC services for northern Virginia since 1970 and have achieved the industry's prestigious NATE certification.


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